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307: iOS 13 Beta

July 31, 2019

This week, we take an early look at the fourth iOS 13 Developer Beta and discuss some of the new features, interactions, and patterns we've noticed. We also answer a few listener questions, including how big a prototype should be, when to expand your skillset, and how to intentionally grow as a designer. And as always, we a share a couple cool things, like a prolific Quora answerer and a novel series discovered through an online class.


Listener questions

  • Q: "Do designers ever make prototypes of entire apps, or is the process more about chunking out the main areas and adding as the product develops?"
    • A: "Once your app structure becomes sufficiently complex, building everything into one prototype becomes less and less tenable. We prefer to focus each of our prototypes on one user journey. Even the most on-rails prototype can be an incredibly useful tool in user research studies."
    • For bigger stuff, we like Framer X, which "offers tools to design scroll, link and page interactions"
    • For smaller stuff, we like Principle, which "makes it easy to design animated and interactive user interfaces"
  • Q: "Is it better to be focused on one thing or multiple skills to have a better chance of promotion?"
  • Q: "How do you guys get intentional about your growth as designers, and how are you able to measure that growth?"
    • A: "Get uncomfortable and try new things! Our best and fastest growth has come from tackling challenges outside our wheelhouses. It's almost always scary, but in the end, the satisfaction of growth outweighs the fear of the unknown."

iOS 13 Beta Review:

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