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347: Overcoming Skill Gaps

May 20, 2020

This week, we talk about how to overcome skill gaps. What should you do if you are bad at visual design? What if you can't make icons? Should you play into strengths or develop upon your weaknesses? We explore these topics, and more! 

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In this week's Sidebar we discuss digital gardening, personal knowledge management, and learning in public.


  • Divya Tak added another point of wastage in low quality software: wastage through over-processing.
  • Yuyang Luo shared their first app design that shows how safe your local area is.
  • Jordan Koschei shared his college startup / side project, Shadoodle. See the pixels.
  • We turned last week's episode into a blog post: Quality Software.
  • Marshall has been tinkering with our audio balance – so far, nobody has noticed...until now?


  • Vincent van der Meulen built a very neat recommendation engine on top of the Design Details website – this is so cool!

Listener Question:

  • Fabio Giolito wanted us to talk about something we said on a recent episode, "I'm not a great graphic designer."
    • Design is a visual medium but there's a misconception that all designers should be good at making pretty things (marketing pages, illustrations, icons, logos…)
    • I love systems and flows, solving problems and designing interfaces. When I try to make a marketing page or logo I feel frustrated and impostor syndrome kicks in.
    • I guess I'm not comfortable with the subjectiveness of visual stuff. You know when something is bad, but the gray area of taste and trends is way too big. While in UX there are more rules and logic involved.

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