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31: Jaded People (feat. Caleb Davenport & Sam Soffes)

June 3, 2015

This week we caught up with Caleb Davenport and Sam Soffes to chat about the latest Google I/O announcements, our upcoming WWDC wish list, OSX and iOS design and more. We're also in the running for Podcast of the Year!

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Caleb on the Web:
Sam on the Web:
Show Notes:

3:00 - We catch up on the latest news from Google I/O.

9:00 - You don't have to worry about pixels anymore.

12:00 - We try not to complain the whole episode.

21:00 - We try again - this time digging into upcoming WWDC announcements.

41:00 - We chat about Apple TV design and what we might build.

52:00 - But what are we excited about?

1:00:00 - Our WWDC wishlist.

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