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32: Dethrone Marco (feat. Russell Ivanovic and Marc Edwards)

June 8, 2015

It's WWDC week, and this time we're catching up with Russell Ivanovic and Marc Edwards, both founders of independent app development companies in Australia. We spent this hour chatting about Google I/O, iOS, Material Design and more. We're also in the running for Podcast of the Year!

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Russell on the Web:
Marc on the Web:
Show Notes:

2:00 - What're you working on?

5:00 - How did you two meet?

8:00 - How do you see your companies growing in the next few years?

12:00 - We chat Android design.

16:00 - What are your reactions to the announcements from Google I/O?

20:00 - We get Marc's thoughts on Yosemite + iOS.

28:00 - And Russell shares his thoughts on Material Design.

33:00 - How does Material Design cascade down to Android Wear?

36:00 - We share our opinions on the latest hardware changes, like force touch and haptic feedback.

48:00 - Russell busts the Android fragmentation misconception.

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