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440: Don’t Call It a Design Critique

May 25, 2022

This week, we talk about how to make design critiques more fun, and how to encourage teams to share their work-in-progress more often.

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Play — Play is the first native iOS design tool built for creating mobile prototypes. They recently launched Play for iPad, giving designers more room to create pixel-perfect and native-first prototypes directly on their device. The app is intuitive, powerful, and damn fun to use. Level up your prototype game today with Play!

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Zeplin recently shipped Flows!

Flows are a fast/effortless way to create and outline user flows and journeys. Designers can use flows to connect screens in seconds and map complete user journeys, showing not just the happy path but all possible paths and behaviors.

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Main Topic:

This week, we talk about how to make design critiques more fun, and how to encourage teams to share their work-in-progress more often.

Amie Chen asks on GitHub: I have a question: I'm part of a design team that has lots of talented designers and everyone is supportive, humble, and doing great work. But no one seems to want to sign up for weekly design critiques (but rather like sharing WIP in slack) and every time my manager encourages she would hear all kinds of excuses. Curious how does your team establish a recurring design critique sessions? Is it mandatory? Or does everyone just love to share? What's the process of signing up one?

Job Board:

We're curating the best product design roles from the world's most design-forward companies.

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CALA — CALA is building a next-generation platform and supply chain to allow anyone, anywhere to build and scale their fashion brand. They’re hiring a product designer to help customers — from streetwear legends, to sports teams, to the biggest fashion players — bring their ideas to life.

Universe — Universe is hiring a Product Designer who is obsessed with the delightful possibilities of software and sees UI design as an artistic medium, not just a method of problem solving. Join a new kind of design studio and shape a product that represents a radically better internet.

Mercury — Mercury is hiring product designers! Mercury powers the banking stack for companies like Linear, Maven & Mighty. Join them to build beautiful software for founders. Learn about the remote-friendly team & roles at — disclaimer: Mercury is a financial technology company that works with banks.

Current — Current is on a mission to help people create better financial outcomes for their lives, and they’re hiring a talented senior mobile product designer with great visual design and UX skills. You’ll be involved in the full product development cycle: from early research and product strategy, to design and developer hand-off.

Cool Things:

  • Brian shared Headless UI — unstyled, fully accessible UI components, designed to integrate beautifully with Tailwind CSS. They are magical and make developing websites so much easier.
    • Also shoutout to an alternative: Radix UI.
  • Marshall shared the Balmuda Toaster, a luxurious but oh-so-good toaster that gets you that perfect toast, every time. And it’s beautiful!

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