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402: Margin Considered Harmful

June 23, 2021

This week, we dig into the best way to think about margin and padding in your component system. In The Sidebar, we break down the basics of design advising and angel investing.

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Around is a better way to video call. It’s designed specifically to make it easier to gather small groups together to collaborate in real time, without all the distracting and frustrating interfaces that comes with most video chat software. We love the small floating heads and emphasis on making it easy to work alongside the video call, rather than constantly having to app switch.

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  • Manny tweeted: What is the official name for the “three dots”…? I’ve heard “three dots”, “more icon”, “ellipsis” and “overflow” from different people
    • We replied: Yeah, it’s a bit confusing, but to my understanding, Android is “Overflow” and iOS is “Ellipsis,” but the label is typically “More,” so we just went with “Three Dots” to keep it generic 😊
  • Raffaele tweeted: Episodes like 401 would be great with video or images content! I got lost several times in the words explanation of visuals/patterns. Does this make sense? 😁
    • We agree, but since that’s not quite possible (easily) with our current setup, it’s become useful practice for us to have to describe visual concepts with crisp language.

Main Topic:

This week, dluft asks on GitHub: Brian mentioned the article "Margin Considered Harmful" by Max Stoiber. I can't wrap my head around the takeaway. Could you explain how to use margins in Figma as instructed by Max, please?

Cool Things:

  • Brian shared OldOS by Zane, a faithful recreation of iOS 4 in pure SwiftUI.
  • Marshall shared TikTok, a brand new app that is sweeping the nation. You probably haven’t heard of it yet, but you should check it out. Marshall is always on the cutting edge, y’all 😅
    • Byte, what could have been the spiritual successor to Vine.

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