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340: Versioning and Handoff in Figma

April 1, 2020

This week, we share our tips and tricks for staying organized in Figma, simplifying the engineering handoff, and not getting bogged down in pages hell. This, plus some follow up, cool things, and a little social distancing check-in.


Fathom Analytics – we love it, we use it, we can't recommend it enough. Fathom is a privacy-first analytics tool that provides all the right information about traffic to your websites. Some of our favorite features:

  • Fathom doesn't use cookies, which means you can skip the GDPR notice
  • The data it collects is simple and straightforward, meaning that it can load your analytics dashboard incredibly quickly and gets you straight to the most important information
  • Fathom is a small two-person team that charges money for the service. Your data is not sold or leveraged in another way. Simple, straightforward pricing makes the world go 'round.
  • And so much more.

Learn more at and if you sign up using that URL you will save $20 off your first invoice!

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  • Marshall is still enjoying The Good Place and the slight twist near the end of Season 1. Intrigued?


  • Nathan Lindahl wonders if there are broader applications to the iPadOS cursor, thinking about Fitt's law. Marshall agrees!
  • Lena Sesardic built HippoKite to help automate the process of logging your accomplishments and challenges each week.

Listener Question:

  • Dennis Cortés asks: "Without Abstract, how can I pass off a file to a developer and be able to work on the next iteration of something in that same file? I've run into issues where I'll give a developer a link to a file but by the time it gets on their plate we may have worked on an iteration that is out of scope for that sprint...Any ideas or experience here on how you manage your files in terms of versioning and iteration you can share that works for PMs, developers, designers, etc?"
    • Figma has versioning built in
      • You can name specific versions
    • For manual versioning, create a new page
      • Consider having a line between final, working, and exploratory
    • When dealing with a design system, you may want to duplicate to a different file to preserve component states
    • Tom Lowry from Figma made a handy plugin to add status annotations to frames.

Cool Things:

  • Brian shared Westworld Season 3, along with a companion YouTube channel, Alt Shift X. So far, we're digging S3!
  • Marshall shared Hand Mirror, a small utility app made by our pal Rafael Conde. It's a macOS app that lives in your menu bar which gives you a quick view from your computer's webcam.

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