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344: Knowing When to Give Up a Fight

April 29, 2020

This week, we try to figure out the right time to give up on a fight when collaborating with stakeholders who have different opinions and priorities. We also cover a lot of feedback this week, discuss new design resources in The Sidebar, and share our cool things of the week.

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In this week's Sidebar we share a neat CSS library and a pro tip for customizing your personal websites.


  • Some of ya'll finally shared your shameful early work - thank you! We love it.
    • Patrick Marx shared some relatively new work from 2014.
    • Katarina Blind shared an early stage mock for a "pirate Uber" to request a ride from her brother. Smart.
    • Zain Khoja shared his first Medium case study.
    • Keaton Taylor shared a live URL for some early work and, boy oh boy, is it fun.
    • Lucas Morales also shared a live URL for some earlier work, complete with a splash page!
  • Kevin Bennett agreed with our thoughts on paper prototypes - there's a time and a place, and for this type of work, it's exceedingly rare.
  • Keaton Taylor also agreed with our thoughts on the overvalue placed on pixel perfection and originality - glad to hear it resonated!

Listener Question:

  • Karl asks:
    • Sometimes, and we’ve all been there, you know what you’re doing is right. Let’s say, fighting for a darker blue to pass accessibility requirements or visualising data in a simplified graphic rather than a complex multi-dimensional graph, to appeal to a wider audience. You’ve presented this with justification and examples or clear guideline recommendations (say a design system) but it’s ignored. How do you guys generally know when to back down and stop fighting for what you know to be right based your design experience, and bow to the Product Manager/Owner’s opinion even if it’s not steeped in fact?
    • Cap Watkins' Sliding Scale of Giving a Fuck is a wonderful framework for picking battles.

Cool Things:

  • Brian shared a very fun 12-minute "single cut" action sequence from the latest Netflix movie, Extraction.
  • Marshall shared his ongoing journey to beat the Juul addiction. Quarantine as a forcing function for positive habit development - win!

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