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434: News Desk, Vol. 4

April 7, 2022

This week, we talk about enhancing the performance of design teams, a more efficient developer handoff process, and how to develop strong opinions. In the Sidebar, we talk about the tradeoffs of career progression and overall life happiness. At what point are you willing to pause or downgrade your career ambitions for a better life outside of work?


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Main Topic:

This week, we talk about enhancing the performance of design teams, a more efficient developer handoff process, and how to develop strong opinions.

Hey there, Im new to the design field, three months into my UX role and I have a fear that I dont have strong enough opinions or knowledge to come up with a solution and push it forward all the way through.

I think, my problem is that I am overly empathetic and always end up seeing the best in other peoples idea and going along with it but Im concerned I wont be getting far ahead if I cant stick by guts every now and then, or may get advantage of because Im a “yes man”.

How do you build your “no” muscle without damaging relationships?

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