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328: Thinking About 2020

January 8, 2020

In this first episode of the new decade, we look ahead to 2020 and enumerate some personal and professional goals for the year to come. And as always, we share some cool things (this week, with the help of a listener!), including an IRL magazine, a couple grumpy websites, and the final season of a show.

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Sisu is looking for a thoughtful and data-savvy designer to help build the next generation of analytics software. You can find out more at (You might recognize Sisu from our interview with Michie Cao)

Pathrise is an online mentorship program that you land a great UX job. Previous fellows have been placed at Google, IBM, Atlassian and other exciting companies.You can learn more at

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Listener Question:

  • Zack Aronson asks: "Thinking about my 2020:Q1 career goals and not sure where to start. I have 9 years of professional experience as a product designer and currently an IC at Venmo. Any thoughts? Inspiration? Words of wisdom? I thought you gents could help!"
  • Marshall set some goals for this year:
    • Ship an app with SwiftUI
    • Update my personal site
    • Make good progress on my screenplay
    • Get a promotion at work
    • Return to Tokyo
    • Overhaul my wardrobe and shoes
    • Stop biting my nails
    • Work out more
  • Brian also set some goals (and also wrote more details about them, here):
    • Visit new country
    • Learn conversational Chinese
    • Software side project that generates revenue
    • Learn a new programming language - Brian already started with a small personal utility app for bookmarking favorite links! See the thread of the app getting built.
    • Write monthly on the new
    • Gain 14lbs

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