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360: Measuring Success in Interface Design

August 19, 2020

This week, we answer two listener questions – bonus question in The Sidebar! In the first, we discuss text contrast, accessibility, and winning arguments. In the second, we work out what it means to measure success in interface design.

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In this week's Sidebar, we answer a bonus listener question about how to argue with the CEO about design decisions. We talk about text hierarchy, contrast, accessibility, and how to win arguments.


  • Vinsg says it's painful to listen to other podcasts after having our show notes and chapters - we're so happy you notice and appreciate these!
  • Ying Yao says, regarding last week's episode, "To me, creating a single source of truth library of components and patterns frees designers to exercise their creativity in tackling interesting product challenges."

Listener Question:

Cool Things:

  • Brian shared that Tesla is offering touch-free test drives. If you are bored at home, and want to experience the fun of an electric call, go in for a test drive! It was a blast and the people were not pushy at all to see if we were even interested in buying.
  • Marshall shared Survive the Hunt, a YouTube series by FailRace, in which teams play virtual tag inside of Grand Theft Auto V. Rules and regulations apply, tensions run high, and you'll have a blast watching.

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