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437: Scaling Design Critique

April 27, 2022

This week, we talk about methods to scale design critiques with a growing team. In the Sidebar, we dig into the...details...of Figma's latest UI changes which added file type icons to file tabs.

Golden Ratio Supporters:

Zeplin recently shipped Flows!

Flows are a fast/effortless way to create and outline user flows and journeys. Designers can use flows to connect screens in seconds and map complete user journeys, showing not just the happy path but all possible paths and behaviors.

All you need to do is add screens you want in a flow, then add a connector which will snap into place to connect screens or design elements. You even add a label to clarify edge cases or error paths.

As you publish new versions of designs, your flows and connectors will get updated automatically as screens change.

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We're curating the best product design roles from the world's most design-forward companies.

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Universe is looking to hire a mid-level or higher product designer for remote work anywhere in the US. Universe opens up the possibilities of the internet, allowing anyone on earth to build a custom website or online store in seconds — without code, all from a phone. They’re looking for a Product Designer who is obsessed with the delightful possibilities of software and sees UI design as an artistic medium, not just a method of problem solving.

Dynaboard is the fastest way for developer teams to go 0 -> 1 on new web apps such as dashboards, admin panels, and approval flows. It combines multiple aspects of design and development tools into a single, collaborative experience. They are looking for their first Product Designer to join their high-velocity, early team to own the process of creating a new category of creative tool.

Glow is building the most elegant, powerful, and reliable crypto wallet. To do this, they need great designs — ones that are simple, familiar, and smart. Their small team is growing, and you’ll work closely with the team to craft new user experience patterns for interacting with crypto that will become the new normal for millions of people in the future.

Vagaro is hiring designers to build the booking, payments, and marketing solutions for growing businesses in the beauty, wellness and fitness industries around the world. if you want to have an immediate, direct and high impact through design, join Vagaro.

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Main Topic:

This week, we talk about methods to scale design critiques with a growing team.

Ryan Stone asks on GitHub:

Hey friends! My UX team has grown immensely in past year, to 30+ members. We have weekly 1-hour design crits where anyone can share work & receive feedback. This has been helpful in leveling up presentation and feedback-giving skills, as well as unblocking team members and maintaining alignment.

This has become challenging at scale though. Any tips to make crits more useful for larger teams, or are we destined to break apart?

  • Around can transcribe and collect meeting notes automatically.

Cool Things:

  • Brian shared Nightmare Alley, the latest screenplay from Guillermo del Toro. No spoilers here!
  • Marshall shared Play for iPad — native mobile prototyping, now on the big screen. It's good!

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