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396: Career Cheat Codes

May 5, 2021

This week, we discuss the things we’ve done in our design careers that have had an outsized impact on our professional growth. In The Sidebar, we talk about the anatomy of icons and how that anatomy affects user interfaces.

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Around is a better way to video call. It’s designed specifically to make it easier to gather small groups together to collaborate in real time, without all the distracting and frustrating interfaces that comes with most video chat software. We love the small floating heads and emphasis on making it easy to work alongside the video call, rather than constantly having to app switch.

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Follow up:

  • Walter Kimaro tweeted a mini music video on top our theme music. This is the kind of content we’re here for! Thank you, Walter 😊

Main Topic:

This week, we talk about “career cheat codes” — or: things we’ve done in our time as designers that have had outsized impact on our growth.

  • Become “the person” for “a thing”
  • Become a central “connector node” in your organization’s graph
  • Learn in public by writing, tweeting, podcast, or anything else that puts your ideas out into the world in real time.

Cool Things:

  • Brian shared Money Stuff, the best weekday newsletter in finance by Matt Levine. It’s fantastic, funny, and will help you learn about the world of money.
  • Marshall shared the HomePod mini. Turns out, it’s pretty great – when it works!

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