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364: How to Design Better Settings

September 16, 2020

This week, we deep dive into tips and strategies for building a better settings experience in your product. In The Sidebar, we discuss the efficacy of paginating onboarding screens.

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The Sidebar:

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In this week's Sidebar, we talk about the efficacy of paginated onboarding screens, and suggest alternative onboarding patterns that we've learned about through experience.

Follow up:

  • Brian is testing Marshall's work journaling strategy. One week in, so far so good! Marshall also put together a sample outline for anyone curious about seeing how this might work in practice.

Main Topic:

This week's listener question comes from Priscilla Then, who asks:

  1. What's the difference between "Settings", "Configuration", and "System" (would it be appropriate to have all 3)?
  2. How should "Settings" be used?
  3. Should Settings be displayed visually "apart" from the rest of the first-level navigation options, like how Shopify does it (putting all things in the left sidebar from the top, but the settings at the bottom)?
  4. What do you think of companies that have multiple, tiered settings (like Zoom)? Do you think that they executed it well?

Cool Things:

  • Brian shared, a magical website that now has an accompanying iOS app. You should download it right now and experience it in all its beauty.
  • Marshall re-shared Copilot, a fantastic app that will change the way you use money. The team has been making a ton of improvements in the past few months, including better recurring transactions support, rules-based transaction categorization, budget rollover, and new account types.
    • Use Marshall's code B7NG7A when you're signing up for some bonuses all around!

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