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338: Passive Income and How To Give Advice (feat. Meg Lewis)

March 18, 2020

This week, we catch up with Meg Lewis, a designer, coach, writer, speaker, business-owner, podcaster, and all-around fun human being. We talk about building passive income streams, how to give advice, having strong opinions, and facing public criticism – among many other things. And as always, we share our cool things of the week included a very timely hygiene product, new mobile apps, and a YouTube playlist.


Fathom Analytics – we love it, we use it, we can't recommend it enough. Fathom is a privacy-first analytics tool that provides all the right information about traffic to your websites. Some of our favorite features:

  • Fathom doesn't use cookies, which means you can skip the GDPR notice
  • The data it collects is simple and straightforward, meaning that it can load your analytics dashboard incredibly quickly and gets you straight to the most important information
  • Fathom is a small two-person team that charges money for the service. Your data is not sold or leveraged in another way. Simple, straightforward pricing makes the world go 'round.
  • And so much more.

Learn more at and if you sign up using that URL you will save $20 off your first invoice!

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  • Today we caught up with Meg Lewis, a writer, designer, podcaster, business-owner, comedian, and so much more. Seriously, Meg is prolific.
    • We catch up on how we're faring working from home during the corona virus pandemic and share tips for newly-remote workers.
      • Loom is a useful app to share your screen with a little extra personality.
    • We talk about managing many projects, building a stream of passive income, the tradeoffs of building an audience, the merits of giving advice, and much more.
    • Meg now hosts Overtime by Dribbble, where she's been able to explore the idea of having strong opinions.
  • Follow Meg on Twitter, Instagram, and Dribbble.
  • Meg's other projects are Ghostly Ferns, Full Time You, Sit There & Do Nothing, The Overtime Podcast by Dribbble, Fool Proof. She also speaks and writes.

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