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24: Open Source Religion (feat. Kevin Rose)

May 11, 2015

This week we sat down with Kevin Rose - he's a designer, product creator and venture capitalist who has had a prolific presence in the tech community for several years. We chat about the things he's loving right now, watch culture, health and cooking, hiring and so much more!

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Kevin on the Web:
Show Notes:

5:00 - We catch up on Kevin's latest projects.

11:00 - Kevin shares more about his journey at Google+.

18:00 - We learn more about what working at Google Ventures was like.

23:00 - Where do you fall on the line of product or design?

26:00 - What are the startups you're really excited about right now?

30:00 - We talk watches.

34:00 - What do you bring back from outside of the US into the product and design world?

43:00 - Do you feel like you've gotten out of the rat race of the tech world?

46:00 - Flashback to Kevin's past roles in the media world.

48:00 - How do you spot that in the hiring process?

54:00 - Why do all the podcasts and shows?

57:00 - Would you encourage everyone to come to SF/Silicon Valley?

59:00 - We diverge, briefly, to chat about tattoos, Tokyo and cooking.

1:02:00 - A fake-out ending, we hear what Kevin is into these days.

1:12:00 - We talk health, nutrition and religion.

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