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2: So Vanilla (feat. Nick Slater)

January 12, 2015

Here we go, episode two of the Design Details Podcast! This week we caught up with Nick Slater, an insanely talented designer and illustrator doing wonderful work at Palantir. We had a lot of fun recording this show and we really think you'll enjoy it!

Full Disclosure: this episode is a bit longer and does have some strong language.

As always, if you have feedback or suggestions please don't hesitate to reach us on Twitter at @designdetailsfm or email us directly!

Nick Slater on the Web:
Show Notes:

0:05:45 - We dig back into Nick's origins - corgi conversations ensue.

0:07:00 - We start digging into Nick's journey to joining Palantir.

0:28:00 - What's it like working with a quickly-growing team of designers?

0:37:00 - Why is there such a huge focus on investing in illustrators at tech companies?

1:00:00 - Exploring the many Lord of the Rings inside jokes at Palantir.

1:10:30 - Adventure Time

1:12:00 - Dribbble and Nick's lack of online presence.

1:20:50 - Nick's motivation for working hard to succeed.

1:26:00 - Nick's current projects

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