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7: VP of Unnecessary Redesign (feat. Cap Watkins)

February 16, 2015

This week we caught up with Cap Watkins, the recently-appointed VP of design at BuzzFeed. We picked Cap's brain about hiring designers, A/B testing, beard-growing, East Coast design and more. Oh, and robo-horses!

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Cap Watkins on the Web:
Show Notes:

02:00 - Cap tells us what he's been up to lately.

03:00 - We explore life as a designer on the East Coast.

11:30 - Cap Watkins: VP of Unnecessary Redesign.

15:00 - We explore a bit about the hiring decisions being made at BuzzFeed.

18:00 - What prototyping tools are you using?

28:30 - What does it mean to be a VP of design?

32:00 - We learn some management advice for designers.

37:00 - We get down with some chef biographies.

52:00 - We get back to the biggest challenges of hiring designers and some of the most common mistakes people make when applying for a design job.

59:00 - Cap shares his process as a designer.

1:09:00 - Winding things down, here's where you can find Cap.

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