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444: Writing Effective Self-Reviews

July 21, 2022

This week, we share our tips for writing better self-reviews during performance review season.

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Main Topic:

This week, we share our tips for writing better self-reviews during performance review season.

Guarang Alat asks on GitHub:

It's performance review season again! Would love to hear from you two about strategies, frameworks and tips you typically use while writing self-reviews, especially when you are aiming to level up to the next level as a product designer. Beyond using metrics, how can I effectively present the overall impact of my work as an IC?

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Figma — Figma is looking for designers to help shape the future of FigJam. They have a few open roles right now focused on everything from core product and meeting experiences to onboarding, user education, and templates.

Universe — Universe is hiring a Product Designer who is obsessed with the delightful possibilities of software and sees UI design as an artistic medium, not just a method of problem solving. Join a new kind of design studio and shape a product that represents a radically better internet.

Webflow — Webflow is hiring designers across their various product pillars focused on growth, collaboration, the designer, and site capabilities. This role is remote-first with the option to work in our SF office.

Materialize — Materialize is building a reactive database to disrupt batch data warehouses like Snowflake and BigQuery, and they’re looking for their first full-time, in-house designer to come in and own the product design for Materialize Web UI. Technical and developer tools experience is a huge plus!

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