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386: Designing with Grid Systems

February 24, 2021

This week, we talk about designing with grid systems. In particular: when grid systems break, and what to do when they don’t align with our hardware screens perfectly. In The Sidebar, we talk all about design debt: how to work with it, pay it down, and eventually learn to accept it.

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The Sidebar:

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In this week's Sidebar, we answer a listener question that can be ultimately paraphrased as: How do you deal with design debt?

Main Topic:

Joey Jungle asks on GitHub: Designing with grid systems? – and continues with many words asking why grid systems are often unintuitive, and don’t align neatly with our hardware screens. Great question!

Cool Things:

  • Brian shared the iA Quattro typeface, one of three beautiful (and free, open source!) typefaces from the iA team. It seems to be striking a happy middle ground between a sans and a mono, making it useful for adding a computer-y tone to an interface while staying readable.
  • Marshall shared Little Nightmares II, a beautiful (and scary) indie side-scroller. It looks gorgeous, and the sound design is incredible.

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