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406: Who Leads UI Design?

July 28, 2021

This week, we dig into questions like: who should design a team’s visual style guide? And: who should break a tie in subjective aesthetic arguments? In The Sidebar, we share our tips and strategies for succeeding as a new designer in a large organization.

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The Sidebar:

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Main Topic:

This week, we talk about who actually leads UI design within an organization, teasing apart questions like: who should design a team’s visual style guide? Who should break a tie in subjective aesthetic arguments? And more!

itaydre asks on GitHub:

It's been challenging to develop a new design system without an existing visual style guide, so I'm trying to explore more about the work behind designing UI when you're not a sole designer.

I've got a feeling that designing UI is quite hard to do collaboratively, as taste is very much subjective to each and every individual.

  • What's your experience when it comes to developing a new style guide?
  • Does a single designer lead the process (in terms of the visual direction)?

Cool Things:

  • Brian shared Mare of Easttown and Ted Lasso Season 2, two good shows on the opposite end of the “this will make me feel a certain way” gradient.
  • Marshall shared Crime Scene Kitchen, a cooking elimination show perfectly designed to scratch every itch in Marshall’s television brain.

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