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446: Grab Bag, Vol. 3

August 29, 2022

This week, we share our preferred naming convention for design files and react to the new Gmail redesign.

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Main Topic:

This week, we share our preferred naming convention for design files and react to the new Gmail redesign.

  • SingYu Lam asks on Twitter: do you guys prefer a certain naming convention when naming Figma layers and components? Like lowerCamelCase, UpperCamelCase, etc?
  • Will Hsu asks on GitHub: So, earlier this year, Google revealed a new Gmail design, and lately they begin rolling out the new Gmail design to users as their default option. And there are discussions around the Internet... many feel the new design is not really better, and I did notice there are many design details missed 👀, like spacing, use of color, choice of the font...etc (not sure if it's mediocre development or just design ). I found it a little entertaining reading those reactions (trolling the new design mostly...) but as a designer also feel bad for the team behind this.😅 Wonder what are you folks' take and reaction on this update, and what changes you would like to see or make?

Job Board:

We're curating the best product design roles from the world's most design-forward companies.

👉 Design Details Job Board

Figma — Figma is looking for designers to help shape the future of FigJam. They have a few open roles right now focused on everything from core product and meeting experiences to onboarding, user education, and templates.

Patreon is building the future of the creative economy, and they’re looking for Product Designers at all levels to solve the needs of creators and members on our platform. Their roles are based in SF and NY.

Raycast makes it simple, fast and delightful to control your tools. They’re looking for an experienced individual to join their small team to redesign and improve core app functionality, tools to enable Developers to create new Extensions, and rethink components across the platform.

Notion — Imagine in the 1970s thinking through how computing should be like. That's what Notion is trying to build — beautiful software that fits everyone's needs. They have infinite challenges that can only be solved by someone with innate product sense, technical aptitude, great taste, and impeccable craft.

Cool Things:

  • Brian shared The Rehearsal — a true masterpiece.
  • Marshall shared Strong Will as the most effective way to start biting your fingernails.

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