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382: Designing Phygital Experiences

January 27, 2021

This week, we talk about designing experiences that weave between meatspace and screens. In The Sidebar, Marshall gives a deep dive into using modifier keys to level up your Figma productivity.

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The Sidebar:

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In this week's Sidebar, we dig into the power of modifier keys in Figma, sharing our tips and tricks for making the most use of ⌘, ⌥, and ⇧.

Follow up:

  • We declared bankruptcy on our GitHub issues. If you have a question or topic you’d like us to discuss on the show, open a new issue!
  • Divya Tak tweeted: isn't the philosophy of just shipping but not focusing on details is what leads into lazy products which are feature clustered but soul less? In my experience we can't expect to focus on just utility and make products that people love.
    • Really good point: we don’t view these as mutually exclusive ideas!

Main Topic:

Flyingjuggernaut asks: Your thoughts on designing for phygital and omni-channel experiences?

Some good examples that came to mind:

  • Maps
    • Watch or CarPlay
  • Exercise
    • Peloton
    • Apple Fitness+
  • Shopping
    • Amazon
    • Starbucks
  • Audio
    • Sonos
    • AirPods
  • Medical
    • OneMedical

Cool Things:

  • Brian shared Hades, an absolutely gorgeous rogue-like dungeon crawler from Supergiant Games. Truly addicting, incredible learning curve design, and super satisfying gameplay - it’s only $25!
  • Marshall shared Hush for Safari, a simple add-on that blocks those pesky cookie tracking nags on the web. This is also available for iPhone and iPad for free.

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