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415: News Desk, Vol. 3

October 13, 2021

This week, we talk about the new Stripe Press website, pasting behavior in Figma, the latest tvOS UI, and the importance of using fake data in placeholder copy. In The Sidebar, we share our tools and strategies for remembering the important things that come up in our day-to-day work.

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The Sidebar:

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Follow Up:

More memorable software moments:

  • Ramiro Ruiz tweeted: I think the last one was while using FigJam, so many great features like adding components.
    • And cursor chat!
  • Connelly Rader tweeted: Dispo onboarding was delightful - unboxing your camera by knocking over the bag. Same with opening my first Dispo Dump!
  • Ugo Cireddu mentioned a few on Patreon:
    • AirPods pairing process and how it syncs across devices
    • The wifi sharing feature between friends when a friend tries to enter a password that is saved to your iCloud Keychain.
    • The Apple Watch pairing process and the cool animations and super easy steps.
    • The setting up of a new iPhone when transferring data from an old iPhone.
    • PushFit is a simple workout tracker for iOS that uses the front camera to track pushups.
  • Ruby Chen tweeted: I got an iPad and started learning Procreate recently. When figuring how to have reference image side by side, I stumbled upon a feature where it shows your front camera feed and you can PAINT ON YOU FACE LIVE!!! Definitely a big delightful wow moment for me!
  • Raffaele Vitale tweeted: _The "Card format" when writing in @craftdocsapp is just great. I loved this lateral onHoverStart table of contents from the public launch of @height_app yesterday._

Main Topic:

This week, we talk about the new Stripe Press website, pasting behavior in Figma, the latest tvOS UI, and the importance of using fake data in placeholder copy.

Cool Things:

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